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HCT Group bus driver nominated for prestigious award

Posted: 26 Oct 2009

HCT Group is thrilled to announce that one of its drivers, Hilbert V. Williams, has been nominated for the prestigious Luke Rees-Pulley Charitable Trust Top London Bus Driver Award.
Hilbert has been working with us for five years, having started out as a community driver – a role which saw him helping local people get to school and day centres.  He is now a red bus driver, working on the 394 route that runs between Islington and Homerton Hospital.  It is a route that Hilbert knows well: it runs through the area where he used to live and when he started on this route, used to frequently see his old neighbours.
A career in public transport was always on the cards for Hilbert.  Having come to the UK from Montserrat in 1960 when he was seven years old, and having lived in Hackney ever since, Hilbert remembers his father’s job as a manager at Canonbury Station and this influenced his decision to go into the industry himself.
Competition for the award is fierce, and will be awarded to the driver who best represents the customer’s ideal: friendly, helpful, conscientious and mindful at all times of passengers’ comfort and well-being. When asked why he thought he’d been nominated, Hilbert said: “I’ve no idea – it was a complete surprise! It’s very important to me that I maintain a reliable service and I never cut corners - with passenger comfort or on the road!  The best part of my job is helping people to get out and about and live their lives.  It’s great when you see a familiar face.”
Speaking of Hilbert’s nomination, Dai Powell, Chief Executive of HCT, said: “I’m delighted to see one of our drivers get this level of external recognition for their professionalism and hard work.  This nomination for an HCT driver is testament to Hilbert’s own dedication and, as the only social enterprise operator of red London bus routes, demonstrates that a social enterprise can focus on quality and develop its staff as well as – if not better than – any commercial organisation.  Everyone at HCT joins me in congratulating Hilbert on his achievement and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for him on the big night.” 
The national UK Bus Awards ceremony will take place in November.

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