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HCT Group launches 2014 Social Impact Report

Posted: 04 Dec 2014

HCT Group is a social enterprise, reinvesting the profits it makes from transport contracts back into high social impact transport services or projects in the communities we serve. We aim to make a real difference to people’s lives and what we’ve achieved each year is set out in our annual Social Impact Report. This year we have refreshed how we report our impact –providing more detail than ever before.

In 2013/14, HCT Group provided a total of 473,400 passenger trips for disadvantaged individuals or community group members – a 30% increase from the previous financial year. This increase was driven by growth in most areas of our community services and included a 60% increase in passenger trips on our Group Transport minibuses.

The report reveals just how important our services are to the people who use them. 42% of YourCar (community car) service users say that they would not be able to get out without the service. Community groups have also stressed the importance of our Group Transport service, with 21% of groups telling us that without access to our minibuses, significant numbers of their members could not participate in the group’s activities; 17% said that without the service, their group or their activities could be jeopardised.

Our Learning Centre has seen another strong year of growing its impact, with 792 long-tern unemployed people gaining qualifications during the academic year of 2013/14 -with 145 known job outcomes.

You can download the social impact report for 2014 –‘National vision, local impact’ here. (large file)