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Route 394 stays with HCT Group

Posted: 07 Nov 2016

394 bus, mother, baby and driver

We are celebrating another contract win – we have just been informed by Transport for London that we have successfully retained route 394, operating out of our Ash Grove depot. The contract, which runs with up to 10 single deck vehicles during peak times, will start from April 2017 for up to seven years.

Route 394 has a special place in HCT Group history. It started out in 2001 as a community bus service designed by the community in Hackney and run by us – the Shoreditch Hoppa. The idea was to connect parts of Hackney that were underserved by public transport with a range of community facilities and transport connections. TfL recognised its potential and it became Route 394 in 2003 – we have successfully retained it ever since.

Route 394 made the national news in 2009 when a passenger unexpectedly went into labour on the bus. CT Plus driver Pauline Jacobs called the emergency services and then helped to deliver the baby – whose mother named him Dennis after the bus (a Dennis Dart).

The victory is also a testament to the combined effort of all staff involved in keeping the route on the road – driving staff, operations staff, engineering, management, training and support staff.