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What's it like working at HCT Group?

If you’re looking for a job where you feel like you’re part of a team, not part of a big machine, then HCT Group is for you. We’re proud that colleagues here say they are treated as an individual, not as a number. We’re committed to equality, and we value our staff and what they have to say.

Each year we conduct a staff satisfaction survey, giving colleagues a stronger voice. The survey explores how people feel about their role, the organisation and how communication and dialogue might be improved. Results are shared across the organisation, with each region developing an action plan to follow up on staff feedback.


Jo's Story

Jo is a Customer Service Manager in Derbyshire and loves being able to blend together the work she enjoys with helping people.

Jo has a real sense of job satisfaction as Customer Service Manager
Jo has a real sense of job satisfaction as Customer Service Manager

‘I enjoy coming to work every day and I have a huge sense of job satisfaction. This job blends together what I love doing – making things work – with helping people.

‘In Derbyshire we run all sorts of services – lunch club trips, shopping trips, day trips, school buses as well as minibus hire for groups. Part of my job is to make sure the booking office runs smoothly. There is a team of four, who manage all the phone calls, emails and queries from people who want to book our services.

‘I also get out and about a lot – spreading the word about our services. I meet with community groups to let them know what we offer. And I go to events and give a talk, or put up our display boards and chat to people about what we do and how we can help.

‘We get lovely comments from people about our services, and we pass messages on to drivers so they know they are appreciated. Some people tell us they wouldn’t get out if it wasn’t for us - they say they would be stuck at home staring at the walls. People can get stuck in a rut, so it’s not just about the bus, it’s about having the encouragement to get out.

‘I used to work in a bank and it didn’t really feel like we were helping people – now I have a real sense of job satisfaction. The team here are great – the drivers are great fun, and the team in the office all work together and help each other out. I just want to keep getting more knowledge and information out there about our services and keep growing, so we can help more people.’