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What's it like working at HCT Group?

If you’re looking for a job where you feel like you’re part of a team, not part of a big machine, then HCT Group is for you. We’re proud that colleagues here say they are treated as an individual, not as a number. We’re committed to equality, and we value our staff and what they have to say.

Each year we conduct a staff satisfaction survey, giving colleagues a stronger voice. The survey explores how people feel about their role, the organisation and how communication and dialogue might be improved. Results are shared across the organisation, with each region developing an action plan to follow up on staff feedback.


Lee's Story

Lee is our Transport Manager in Derbyshire, following roles in our Bristol and Guernsey teams. He says HCT Group is a progressive company that does things differently.

Lee says HCT Group challenges the traditions of the commercial bus industry
Lee says HCT Group challenges the traditions of the commercial bus industry

'I joined HCT Group in 2011, and until now I have worked on commercial bus services - Park and Ride services in Bristol, then public bus services in Guernsey. During my time in Guernsey I saw the arrival 12 brand new vehicles into the fleet, the introduction of new ticket machines and passenger numbers going up over 30% – so we were always busy!

‘The Derbyshire operation joined HCT Group in May 2018, so it’s still new. My main task there is to manage the fleet and team across the region, looking at how we do things on a daily basis and seeing what we can learn from our colleagues around the country. For the first time in my career I am working within the Community Transport side of the business which is incredibly rewarding – there is a real sense of making a difference to the lives of the passengers we carry.

‘HCT Group challenges the traditions of the commercial bus industry – it is a progressive, interesting and diverse company. The challenges are different to those you see elsewhere in the industry, but the support is there to allow innovative problem solving, which may not always be accepted in more traditional operators.

‘Opportunities for development and progression within the organisation are available, and there are so many pathways for those interested in pushing themselves a little further.’