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HCT Group launches partnership with South Pennine CT

Posted: 04 Nov 2019

On Wednesday 30 October, we celebrated the launch of our new partnership with South Pennine Community Transport, as part of our Future Journeys programme. This is our first Future Journeys partnership with a community transport provider and we are proud to work with an organisation that plays such a vital role providing transport in and around Holme Valley, UK.

Future Journeys’ role in this partnership is to advise, support and fund South Pennine CT in certain areas that include developing and enhancing services, improving accessibility and strengthening communities.

Two key areas the partnership is focusing on are providing more transport in the community, especially to areas that were previously underserved or not served at all, and ensuring buses are accessible to its passengers. This includes providing wheelchair accessible and cross-boundary bus services from Holme Valley.

Good progress has already been made, and over the next five years South Pennine CT will double the number of services available to people around Holme Valley and Penistone. We are also working with South Pennine CT to reach out to other organisations in the area to improve links for passengers and the community.

The event had a great turnout with guests from  local councils and combined authorities, as well as other key local stakeholders.  

South Pennine Community Transport’s five-year plan, supported by us through Future Journeys, will be available on their website shortly.